Anandadhara Arts is

A home for music lovers

It is a place for you if you are in pursuit to perfect your musical renditions.

An Extraordinery Experience

Anandadhara Arts is a home for music lovers who are seeking solace through music.

We welcome everyone who is thirsty for knowledge in this field, regardless of race, colour, culture, religion and sexual orientation, for Anandhara Arts and its members believe in and are strong practitioners of equality in all sense and context.

Anadadhara Arts presents Jalsha
Anadadhara Arts presents Jalsha
Music has the power to build bridges and unite all cultures into one

Our Mission

The main mission of this institution is to promote the Bengali and Indian culture; involving the greater population of Britain so they are able to form an interest to come and practically get them involved in music and culture. It also aims to aspire the new generation of today who are born and raised in this multicultural society, to offer them the opportunity of a global musical awareness. It not only teaches a version of Tagore style music but it aims to instil and sow the seed of love for the natural beauty of the Bangla language

Anandadhara Arts firmly believe that music has no limits or boundaries and that music has the power to build bridges and unite all cultures into one, that the force of music has the strength to bring together all humanity under one roof.

Tagor in Europe

Arup Tomar Bani Tagore in Europe

March 31, 2019

Do not miss a huge event titled Arup Tomar Bani. Impalpable Is Your Message' at the Bhratiya Vidya Bhavan. Anandadhara Arts will be performing the ...

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Anandadhara Arts The Gems of Bengal

The Gems of Bengal

March 19, 2019

Another huge success of Anandadhara Arts! It was a great privilege and a eye opening experience when AA (anandadhara arts) was invited to participate ...

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Saraswati Puja Celebration 2019

Saraswati Puja

February 15, 2019

When there is Splashes of colour everywhere, the chirping of birds along with the chanting verses and hypnotic tunes are scattered in the air; this ca ...

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Saraswati Puja Celebration 2019

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