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Anandadhara has performed in Barbican Centre, Rich Mix Centre, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Neheru Center.

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Tagore in Thames
The evening featured the group singing of Anandadhara Arts students and recitations of the English translations of Tagore poems.
Presenting Hindustani, Bengali, Carnatic music.
Tagore and Salil
Starting with the children of Anandadhara performing songs which were especially for children by Salil,
Songs of Barsha Mangal
Anandadhara Arts singing the songs of Barsha mangal; songs the rainy seasons and the solo performance by Sree Anol Chatterjee
Solo Performances
The evening featured the solo performances by the Anandadhara Arts Students under the conduction of their Guru Dr Imtiaz Ahmed.
Bashanta Utshab
A celebration of spring season.
Bashanta Utshab The spring Festival of Spring
Anandadhara Arts The Gems of Bengal
Anandadhara Arts presents The gems of Bengal at Cambridge. Another successful event that had the audience swing their feet at the beats.