Passion, Devotion, Aims and Aspirations!

When one's passion becomes their devotion then everything is possible. This is exactly what it is with the members of Anandadhara Arts; starting from their Guru Dr Imtiaz Ahmed to all his students. Each and everyone of them are totally devoted to their passion of good music. When Dr Ahmed teaches his students with full efforts and great expectation, his students equally give their level best and soak up every bit of knowledge and tune they can. This is what you would call a parallel harmony! This gets even better when we have our most important audience in front of us, we aim to offer them nothing but the very best and accurate notation of music. When AA (Anandadhara Arts) presents an event, one can expect nothing but quality and tasteful recitation. Come and witness it for yourself and I can guaranty you a soulful musical experience of your life!

Saraswati Puja
Saraswati Puja Celebration 2019

When there is Splashes of colour everywhere, the chirping of birds along with the chanting verses and hypnotic tunes are scattered in the air; this can only mean one thing; the festival of joy, harmony, knowledge and blessings is here! On the 10th February 2019, Saraswati puja was celebrated at Merton Arts Space. The puja was performed in the most melodious way capturing the audiences fullest devotion.

Organised by Saudha. The puja arrangements was perfected by none other than Smt Chandra Chakraborty; the renowned classical vocalist.

The cultural event began with the audience being mesmerised with the performance of Anandadhara Arts student’s choral singing under the direction of Dr Imtiaz Ahmed, the famous Tagore exponent who is the Director and Guru of Anandadhara Arts.
Recitations from various international poets from Argentina, England, Bangladesh, and Pakistan; was very much appreciated by the audience. Then a Bharatanatyam dance performance by Sharmishtha Pandit made everyone’s feet tap to the beats.

The next segment consisted of solo performances by Smt Chandra Chakraborty’s students with a little spark of a surprise splattered onto the audience; the six year old little master named Siddhant Banerjee who sang a little classical number!
Saraswati Puja came to it’s end with the incomparable Dr Imtiaz Ahmed singing the great devotional songs from the Tagore Collection and Smt Chandra Chakraborty’s beautiful classical tunes.

Though the audience was provided with a dinner at the end of the evening, it was evident that they were still left hungry and yearning for more melodies to be strung out.

To be able to quench your thirst with these transcendent melodies you will have to keep an eye out for the events that are due in the near future by Anandadhara Arts.