Passion, Devotion, Aims and Aspirations!

When one's passion becomes their devotion then everything is possible. This is exactly what it is with the members of Anandadhara Arts; starting from their Guru Dr Imtiaz Ahmed to all his students. Each and everyone of them are totally devoted to their passion of good music. When Dr Ahmed teaches his students with full efforts and great expectation, his students equally give their level best and soak up every bit of knowledge and tune they can. This is what you would call a parallel harmony! This gets even better when we have our most important audience in front of us, we aim to offer them nothing but the very best and accurate notation of music. When AA (Anandadhara Arts) presents an event, one can expect nothing but quality and tasteful recitation. Come and witness it for yourself and I can guaranty you a soulful musical experience of your life!

Hindustani, Bengali, Carnatic music

Presenting Hindustani, Bengali, Carnatic music. The students performed Tagore songs that were never attempted to be sung in chorus in Britain before and subtle new twists and flavours were added to a couple of famous Tagore songs by adding a Tarana at the beginning and end of the songs. All of which were conducted by none other than the Tagore exponent and teacher (Guru) of Anandadhara Arts, Dr Imtiaz Ahmed. This followed by Dr Imtiaz Ahmed singing with his flawless voice, not only what he specialises in, (Tagore songs) but he also stunned the audience by singing some Indian Classical Raga based songs!

Kathak dance: Laboni Mahanta.
Sitarist: Dharambir Singh MBE
Violin: Raghuraman
Tabla: Aniruddha Mukherjee

07 Jul 2018

Venue :
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan